Botox Boot Camp



Less Reading, More injecting. 

Our focus is to guide you on your cosmetic path to obtain proper knowledge and application of injectable medicine. We believe that a more hands on approach is incredibly important and is missing from most educational courses. 

When I did my training course I left thinking... ok but now how do I start doing injections? Wait, how do I mix the BOTOX? Am I really not allowed to inject lateral to the mid-pupillary line, I see people do it all the time...

This is why we founded Botox Boot Camp. A place where we can all learn the right way to do things with a focus on real life use!


Alexander L Blinski M.D.

Dr. Blinski is from Miami, FL and has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2011. He enjoys sporting events, outdoor activities, and everything New York has to offer. 

Training:  4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school, 4 years residency (surgical/primary care), 2 years hands on plastic surgery with his father (Darryl J. Blinski M.D.)

Dual Licensure  NY and FL

Founder/Medical Director:

Plump Cosmetics & Injectables, Symmetry Medicine, BotoxBootCamp.

Catherine Case - Director of Sales and Social Media.

Catherine is our social media and point of sales specialist. She can help guide you on your educational path and help push your learning in the right direction.